Technical details of CookTymix®

Cooktymix model

Automatic release system of the food produced

Overturning of the tank with oleodynamic system

Sistema automatico di scarico
Raschiatori interni a smontaggio rapido

Quick disassembly internal scrapers

High cleaning and sanitizing speed

Self-cleaning cooking tank

PEEK scrapers

Lid with inspection window for inserting ingredients

Protection according to law

Coperchio di cottura

User Friendly software and interface

Programmi ricette personalizzate
Controllo temperature

Electronic temperature control

Customizable recipe programs

Program for sanitation cycle

Interfaccia software


CookTymix® can be integrated into the company information system.
Connected to the network, it detects, processes and sends the data of the production processes.

It is possible to intervene in remote assistance reducing costs, delays and interruptions in production.

Greater production efficiency.
Complete process traceability.
Availability of data.
Strategic vision: the IoT provides precise, highly detailed information and production data.

CookTymix® is “Industry 4.0”.


Caratteristiche tecniche
Model Useful capacity Exchange
IP Size
(L x D x H)
Useful volume
150 150 lt 1,5 m2 IP65 1850 x 1100 h 1250 150 max
250 250 lt 2,5 m2 IP65 2100 x 1200 h 1300 250 max
500 500 lt 5 m2 IP65 2500 x 1500 h 1500 500 max
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