A taste EVOlution thanks to CookTymix®

CookTymix® s the evolution in the cooking methods, thanks to the great thermal exchange surface.

An evolution that allows to cook in a flexible, quick and healthy way. A tool and a method that enable to cook quickly eliminating the problems linked to industrial cooking, such as brazing, cooking speed, boiling point.

Ragu, risotto, minestrone, stew, pasta, sauces, caramel, creams, jams, broths, meat and fish sauces, sauteés, pasta and pasta fillings, vegetables, mostardas… are a few examples of the great versatility of CookTymix®.

Detailed and certified chemical, organoleptic and sensory analysis (Report n. 06418 of CIAS Innovation – Italian Centre of Sensory Analysis) confirmed the high quality of the food cooked with CookTymix®, compared to the normal standards on the market.

CookTymix® system with PATENT FOR INDUSTRIAL INVENTION No. 102018000003695

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